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My name is Hillary. Here, you can read about my family’s experience with NZ’s law on parental notification.

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    My name is Hillary.

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    This is our family’s story.

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    Meeting with Chester Borrows to sign our petition.

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    If I can help you in any way, please let me know.

Our Family’s Story

One day in September 2009, our 15 year old daughter did not come home from school on the bus. The health nurse had taken her to another town for an abortion.

Find out how a secret underage abortion almost cost us our precious daughter.

The Petition

We have presented a petition to Parliament, seeking assistance with respect to the rights of parents to be notified of medical procedures performed on children who are minors.

Read our petition here.

Abortion Support

I have heard so many horrific stories about how this law has caused great harm to families.

If you have a story, please let me know by getting in touch here.

Struggling with an abortion? Click here for support after Abortion.